Repeat Delivery

As a pet owner, you may have a pretty good idea of how much food your pet is consuming on the average week, day or month. Not sure?
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allows you to set up a delivery schedule that works, based on your pet's eating schedule.


is as easy as making your first purchaseby simply ticking the repeat delivery box. You have full control of the frequency your purchase is delivered and can modify it any time if your scheduled day happens to be inconvenient.
Auto-Shipping is a good choice for pet owners with a busy lifestyle as well as for pet owners who don't drive. No more heavy bags of food to carry either! Simply select a delivery frequency
- weekly
- monthly

In this day and age, us humans can be quite time poor.

Rather than having to go to the store to stock up pet food...Auto-Shipping gives you more time to spend with your pet without the worry of running out of food!

Your delivery can even be dropped off inside your home for you if requested or left at a disired location.

This is helpful especially for the disabled or senior citizens. All you need to do is to ask our friendly couriers at the time of delivery.
Auto-Shipping can also be a big saver for pet owners that do not live in close proximity to a pet shop. If you feel that your pet don't go through the same amount of food as they did in previous months, you should be aware that Premium Pet Food Online offer great flexability and that you can easily modify your delivery schedule to suit your pets appetite by selecting "Delivery Schedule Adjustment".


you will be able to log into your account and adjust when your next order will be sent. You as a pet owner will find this especially helpful when you go on holidays and find a spare bag of pet food when you return.

You can also give the gift that keeps on giving and set up Auto - Shipping for friends or family.

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