dog treats . Don’t forget about dog toys though, toys make great birthday gifts for your dog as well, and they’ll last a little bit longer than the treats you give him, so your dog can remember his special day every time he sits down to give his new toy a good chew. We also carry a selection of safe and fun dog toys that your dog would love to receive on his birthday.

Another trendy accessory is the Fitbark monitor

Let your dog spend a night in the lap of luxury: On your dog’s birthday, you could let him know it’s his special day by letting him spend the night with you, in your bed. If you’re dog is like most dogs, he feels a little bit left out each evening when you get to get into your ultra-comfy human bed and he is relegated to his dog bed or kennel. When his birthday rolls around each year, let him spend the evening next to the one he’s closets to and loves the most – YOU!

Take him for an extra-special walk: Of course you’re a great dog owner and you take your pooch for walks everyday, but on his birthday, an extra-long and extra-exciting walk gives you a chance to spend a little bit more time with him and it makes him feel just a little bit more special.

Does your dog have a favourite hike that he likes to accompany you on? Or maybe there’s a walking trail that you guys frequent on weekends where you know you’ll run into some of your dog’s best doggy-friends. Either way, let your dog know how much you care, and how happy you are to have him in your life, by spending extra time with him out walking and running around on his birthday.

No matter what you decide to do for your dog’s birthday, he’s going to thank you for it and keep right on loving your unconditionally. Your reward for a thoughtful birthday surprise, will always come in the form of loyalty, tail wagging and unending companionship. These are the gifts that your dog gives you every singe day of the year. Why not take extra-special-care to make his birthday one of the days where you give back to him and show him all the love you have for your four-legged family member. After all, every minute you spend with your dog, is time well spent.